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  • My name is Royce, I am an investor and I can help you learn trading/investing.

  • I have been interviewed by a bank [FXCM]  here.  

  • I want to enable people to learn how the financial markets work and how to make money for themselves in a safe way.​ Check the Youtube Channel if you are curious about my trading.


What this website will teach you :

To trade using a simple method that took 10 years of building. The method in a nutshell :

  1. Identify the trend.

  2. Peek at the markets every 45 minutes. [Yes you read it right, no need to stare at the market]

  3. Recognize specific patterns I will tell you.

  4. Trade just 1 or 2 times. 


2/The program

1/Trade with a pro

  • Requirements :

  1. Laptop of 17inches screen minimum. Smaller is possible, but not recommended.

  2. Quite powerful Processor type i7, equivalent or more.

  3. Windows only.



  • I "mentor" you each month so that you become excellent at trading.

  • Get to know the right trading plans for oil and other available assets [Eur/Usd, Bitcoin, Gold...]

  • Trade with a safety net, kill over trading, fear, nervousness and all that.

  • Learn to manage your own funds with peace of mind.

+75 euros monthly for total beginners



non-recurring automatically

Once you want to do it by yourself.

All your purchases are safe and protected with PayPal

Trading room is opened from a few minutes before London session, until NYC session +2/3 hours. Trades will happen, unpredictably, over time close to 50% in either or both sessions.

3 months maximum are deductible from any payments made towards the monthly plan "Trade with a pro" if you decide to buy the program.



Warning : A Quick word about this website

Whether you are a total beginner or a more advanced trader on some forums - or alone - who feels you can make it work but the consistency is not quite there yet, this might be for you.

Yes, there are plenty of website on the internet touting their program so in what respects my website is different ?

Well, first let me tell you that, trading is a hard game. it doesn't mean that you won't be able to make money from it, but it is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a marathon, a strict discipline game where there is no need to rush, so this website is made for those really eager to develop a new skill that takes months to develop and will take them far in life by developing in them a deep understanding of the market and other things in life [because this skill has a "ripple effect" in different area of life].

I said trading is hard game but I have made it much easier, so meanwhile it is not a get rich quick scheme, it could "seem" easy, if you have the right tools, yours or mine.


You would be able to anticipate the market direction from days to weeks in advance [swing trading]. I have a member in my room who several time was able to pocket in several hundreds of ticks. You would be able to know when to trade or not to trade, stop over trading and fear of trading and remove guesswork. Trading/investing would just become a walk in the park with some positive day and some negative days, but you'd know what you are doing and you would have the means to logically come out on top of the game with no stress.

Stress is even among some professional traders/investors, an active component. In my trading there is little to no stress, hesitation etc.


I prefer the term "to invest" rather than "to trade/day trade" because first, you cannot and probably should not trade everyday, and second, the term "invest" implies more patience, knowledge, mental fortitude and some sort of elegance that is more of taste.

Well if you are ready to take your finance prospects to the next level I could be the one to help.

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